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Aviation Manufacturers/OPW Engineered Systems/OPW Quick Disconnect Adapters Couplers and Accessories

OPW Quick Disconnect Adapters Couplers and Accessories


OPW 733A-150 Female NPT      OPW 733A Hose Shank    OPW 733F-150 Male NPT      OPW 734A Dust Plug
OPW 733A-150 Female NPT AdapterOPW 733A Hose Shank AdapterOPW 733F Male NPT AdapterOPW 734A Dust Plug

OPW Reducing Couplers & Adapters

633 CH Coupler 3" x 2-1/2"                      633 DA Coupler / Adaptor                  
Hose Shank (non locking)                                   (non locking)
OPW Reducing Couplers Adapters 633CH Coupler Hose Shank          OPW Reducing Couplers Adapters 633DA Coupler Non-locking
633 DD Double Coupler                          733 AA Spool Adaptor
        (non locking)
OPW Reducing Couplers Adapters 633DD-150 Double Coupler           OPW Reducing Couplers Adapters 733AA Spool Adapter

OPW Miscellaneous Couplers & Adapters

 733 AW Adaptor w/                       733 DLW Socket Weld                733 LDS Coupler
  Socket Weld End                                                                             (150 lb. ASME Flange)
OPW Coupling Adapter 733AW-150 Series with Socket Weld End  OPW Coupling Adapter Series 733DLW-150 Socket Weld    OPW Coupling Adapter 733DLS_Coupler with ASME Flange
     733 LAS Adaptor                       733 FW Butt Weld                       733 BLW Butt Weld
(150 lb. ASME Flange)
OPW Coupling Adapter 733LAS-150 Adapter with ASME Flange     OPW Coupling Adapter 733FW-150 Butt Weld     OPW Coupling Adapter 733BLW Butt Weld

OPW Accessories & Kits

Twin-Kam™ Kamlok® Cam Arm Kits

with Guaranteed for Life (GFL™) Twin-Kam™ Arms

OPW Accessories Twin-Cam parts kit

Autolok™ Cam Arm Kits

OPW Accessories Autolok Camarm kit

Original Design Repair Kits

OPW Original Design Repair Kits

634 CLK Cliplok™ Kits

Provides locking mechanism for standard units

OPW Accessories Cliplok Kit


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